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Friday, August 6, 2010

In search of 1 MILLION reviews.

After many successful reviews of his new book “Sock n Boots-Share,” author D.K. Smith has set out to get the opinion of even more readers, 1,000,000 readers to be exact. That’s right MILLION!

“We have presented the books to parents and children in different countries and from various walks of life and the response is the same, they all love it” says Smith, “now our goal is to get the story and the characters in front of as many parents and children as we possibly can.”

Readers from all over the world can download a watermarked version of Smith’s book from now until August 20, 2010. Then by posting a review of the book on Amazon.com they can enter to win 1 of 5 giveaway copies of the book.

Smith was very sincere about his motive for the contest. When asked what was the motivation behind the contest, smith replied “I think the public’s opinion holds great value and their reviews are certainly valuable to my team and I.”

You can read the reviews that have already been posted on Amazon.com or you can go to www.SocknBoots.com to read other reviews.

You can enter the contest by getting a downloadable copy of the book here:


For more information contact the Sock n Boots staff at SocknBoots@live.com.

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