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Friday, June 25, 2010

With the help of artist, Lorena Isabel, the Sock n Boots story franchise is set to go.

The covers of the first three books have been created. "Lorena really made the characters come to life" said author and creator of the franchise D.K. Smith.

The first book Sock n Boots - Share is currently available on Lulu.com.

News release on Sock n Boots stories

“What can a child learn from a loveable gym sock and combat boot? Apparently, just about anything.” Those were the words of children’s book author D.K. Smith when introducing his new characters Sock and Boots.

It is true that for a child, few things compare to the moments spent curled up on their parents' laps discovering the hidden treasures that lie in wait between the covers of a book. Invaluable lessons come to life through their favorite characters, and parents watch as ordinary stories become extraordinary through the eyes of a child. This year, children and parents have the chance to rediscover each other as they follow the adventures of the mischievous Sock and the sensible Boots, the stars of D.K. Smith's new children’s book series "Sock n Boots".

"The intimate experience of reading yields important lessons about behavior, feelings, and the enduring bonds of relationships," says Smith. "It's a gift for time-challenged parents who may feel guilty about missing special moments with their kids. Snuggle together before lights-out or schedule a Sunday morning reading hour, and you rekindle emotional closeness as well as impart important lessons, ease difficult transitions, heal personal pain, and celebrate family life."

Each "Sock n Boots" story begins with a question…then through the antics of the characters, the answer to the question is presented during the story. At the close of the story, the question is posed again, which opens the way for discussion between parent and child. "It opens the way for the child to express themselves in answering the question presented," says Smith.

The book’s format has proven to be successful. Smith and his team conducted a 20 family reading session. Children not only took to the new characters but the lessons from the stories were well received and easily recalled.

What lessons do the stories teach? "Sock n Boots" teaches children that there’s no need to fear the supposed monsters in their closet at bedtime, what they should do if a flock of ravenous birds helps themselves to a friend’s lunch and why choosing a safe place to play is the only way to play. Through the curious antics of their favorite footwear-Sock and Boots, parents and children will see the pair get into (and out of) trouble, and the series' fun rhyming scheme and interactive nature will pave the way to a deeper, fuller relationship between parent and child.

Sock ‘n Boots – Share is the first in the series
to be made available through LULU.com
The first book “Sock ‘n Boots – Share” is available through LULU.com, and will make its international debut at the International Children’s Publishing Exhibit during the 2010 Beijing book fair August 30 - September 3.

Author D.K. Smith is an avid reader whose growing years were spent with his nose in a book. These days, he enjoys writing poetry (that he'll never show you), crafting new adventures for "Sock n Boots" and introducing his young niece to the joy of reading.

"I truly credit my parents with sparking our minds early on," says Smith. "My brother and I were both early readers, before there were Nintendos and PlayStations and X-Boxes…and it ignited a creative and adventurous spirit in both of us."

For more information about "Sock n Boots", visit them on the web at www.SocknBoots.com or editors and children’s book reviewers may e-mail Socknboots@live.com to request a copy for review.