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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Newest review of Sock n Boots - Share


I always like to read Audrey's books before I read them to her (really I like playing with all her things, because, well it's just plain fun!). I loved this book! I thought the story, and the characters were so adorable, and I couldn't wait to share it with Audrey! Sure enough she loves it too! So much that it's her first pick before bed (and I have to read it over, and over again)! And as a mother I love that each book teaches a lesson, and that it's not too long. Also that it's colorful, and rhymes, which easily catches her attention!

Sock 'n Boots Share follows two best friends (the loveable and emotional little Sock and his pal the wise young Boot) as they set out for a day of fun at the park. When a flock of hungry birds flies in, the stage is set for a lesson on why sharing is such a good thing to do. The fun rhyming scheme and simple storytelling style make the book enjoyable and easy to follow.

The short story format and simple storytelling style of the Sock 'n Boots series makes it easy to teach age old yet valuable lessons to their children. The pictures along with the story spark an imaginative thought from children that read the book, especially when parents engage them in a discussion about the book.

Overall both me, and Audrey love this book! Although she may not be old enough to understand the lesson presented, completely. She still loves the colors, beautiful pictures, and rhyming. And I figure the more I read it, and explain the lesson to her the more she'll understand! We can't wait to read the next Sock 'n Boots book! I would recommend this book to anyone with children. It would also make a great gift, to kids that love to read (or love for their parents to read to them!). Sock 'n Boots Share retails for $12.00, and you can currently purchase it at LULU.com

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